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The 5OS Project 2019 Sauvignon Blanc


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Colour: Very pale lemon, verging on water white Nose: Expressive, expansive nose of white flowers, lemon pith, orange sherbet (Austin Powers?), nettles, green herbs, green pea, talc, grapefruit and passion fruit. Incredible purity and volume of fruit. After a minute or two the herby, green veg aromas power forward. There is an absolute stack going on here. Attractive, perfumed and fresh as a daisy. A dash of leesy, cheesiness going on at the back. Palate: A mouthful of textural, zesty lemon and lime tones, backed up fresh pea, green herb and candied orange. This wine is impossibly bright, dancing a tight line that will unfurl over the next couple of years. Awesome Sauvignon Blanc if you’re into that sort of thing, which, after a glass, I reckon I now might be. A real crowd pleaser, from label to what’s in the glass.

Selectively harvested early morning from the K1 Sauvignon Blanc vines in the Southern Adelaide Hills, once received at the winery it had 4 hrs skin contact in its picking bin before being crushed. Similar to a Malborough Sauv. Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc. 12% Alcohol.

Just released. Stay tuned.

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