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The 5OS Project 2018 Shiraz Touriga


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2018 MV Shiraz Touriga Smoking Vixen- 5OS Project


Vineyard: Two seperate vineyards in the heart of McLaren Vale, not far from our winery. Winemaking: The Shiraz component was de-stemmed into 2T open stainless steel fermenter, pH corrected and inoculated the following day, plunged for first 3 days and then 2x daily pump overs there after until dry (8 days). Pressed to tank for settling before going into 1 & 2 yr old American oak hogs heads. The Touriga was de-stemmed into a 1T open fermenter, pH corrected and inoculated immediately, very simple ferment, 2x daily pump overs, nothing fancy. Pressed once dry (9 days). The two different varietal components were blended prior to bottling. A mix of French and American oak was used. Vegan friendly.

Silver - 2019 Royal Adelaide Wine Show 'Other Red Blend 2018 Vintages' Bronze - 2019 McLaren Vale Wine Show 'Shiraz Predominant Blends (excluding Classic Australian) - Any Vintage'

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