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The 5OS Project Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay 2018


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Variety: Chardonnay Alcohol: 13.5 %
Vintage: 2018 Vegan: Yes
Region: Mornington Peninsula, Vic Closure: Stelvin

About The 5OS Project

3 or 4 years into this now and we’re still miles off coming up with anything close to a succinct explanation for The 5OS Project. For lack of a fancier term, it’s our ‘Home Brand’, and over the years we’ve engaged with various artists to co-produce Wines, Food, Coffee, Furniture, BMX’s, Surfboards, and whatever else we stumble across that takes our fancy. Well beyond our initial intentions of having fun doing things we love, and very much to all our surprise, it ended up a bit more than a frolic. Spawning the likes of Daily Grind, Black Flag Winemakers, MV Coffee Co, Little Black Bike, The Hagen Arms to name drop a few. We’re suitably chuffed but in fairness to all, we’ve dragged our heels long enough now and it’s time that wine reclaimed its position as our point of convergence. Admittedly whilst this feels slightly too rational for a concept based on the unbridled exploits of a bunch of waylaid winemakers, for now, we’re content lapping up the serenity doing what we know best, and passing the baton to the cool kids across the street….

The 5OS Project Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay 2018

Grown on an east-facing slope at Bittern. Made by Olly Crawford at the Loom Wines cellars in McLaren Vale and wrapped in the best of oak just long enough to look like wine. 49 cases made but by the time Kochy & Lucas took their fill…we’ve only released 40 odd. This should have a big drinking window.

Aromatics: Flinty, reductive
Palate: Pure as pure chardonnay. Celery, cucumber, smoky flint
Finish: Chalky tannins and a bit of wood to finish
Cellaring: Big drinking window here

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