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Soaring Kite Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2019


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Variety: Chardonnay Alcohol: 13.0 %
Vintage: 2019 Vegan: Yes
Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Closure: Stelvin

About Soaring Kite

Established in 2005, Soaring Kite is the Adelaide Hills project from the young crew at Loom Wine. Mainly allured by Chardonnay and Pinot, on the odd occasion they’ve also been tempted to open up a fermenter or two for some Shiraz…much to the wonderment of their winemaking colleagues.

Aromatics: Nutty with enticing charry oak and a hint of butterscotch
Palate: Tighter than the aromas indicate, laden with ripe fruit yet plenty of grip
Finish: The sweetness of the palate tapers off, great tension and vigour
Cellaring: Best before 2025
Average Customer Rating  

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    Like a kite soaring on a warm summer breeze. Will send you sailing happily into the night.