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McLaren Vale Mixed Case

Yangarra 2018 Blanc

In stock

Bondar 2018 Rosé

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Aphelion 'The Emergent' 2017 Mataro

In stock

Bekkers 2016 Syrah Grenache

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S.C. Pannell 2016 Tempranilllo Touriga

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The 5OS Project 2016 Malbec

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I handed myself the task of writing this, the welcome note to our first wine pack assuming it’d be a breeze. I had a couple of early cracks which Annie didn’t warm to so here I am at the 11th hour with 200 (ish) words to introduce 6 great wines and the people who make and grow them. I could write 1000 on each and still be warming up so I’m not going to bother about the detail. McLaren Vale is our home, as it is for all the winemakers in this pack, a special place, stocked with some of the most talented and progressive wine people in the World. This is an exciting new chapter for 5OS and we’ve kicked it off with some low hanging fruit, championing 5 wines which we feel showcase the diversity of the regions wines and the calibre of the people behind them. The 6th is obviously ours, by far the toughest selection to make, well it was until it won a Trophy at the Wine Show last month, and whilst we’re a pretty quiet sort of bunch once we move outside the walls of Chalk Hill Rd, we couldn’t resist the temptation to include one of our stable, which in fairness comfortably holds its own amongst the top end of town on display here. Being the first pack we still have no idea how this is all going to play out, we’re aware we have much to learn, and some changes to make. When we started this project our overarching objective was to create things we didn’t have to sell, make them alluring enough, in small enough quantities that the commercial realities were secondary, find ‘peeps’ for whom the experience was mutually beneficial, ‘old school trade’ we often waxed on about. We’ve stayed true to that as the shop and winery in particular have grown and more and more temptation has floated across our paths. This is new and whilst it requires a different approach we will build on these original ethos, we’re makers first and always will be. We know there’s plenty of others in this space that are bigger, richer and flasher than us, we’ve worked for them for years, but I’m confident there’s a little bit of room still in the game to allow us to indulge and you to benefit from our industry knowledge and more importantly our intentions. Have the best Christmas and for those who decide to buy a pack we look forward to hearing your thoughts… and I’m sure somewhere on the website Laura will have uploaded an actual tasting note you can read if that’s your thing. Cheers SG