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Marsc Wine Co. 2017 Riesling


(5/5 stars)
Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 4 customer ratings
(4 customer reviews)

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Colour: Pale gold with green tinges. Nose: Classic Watervale in look and feel. Aromas of kero, baking spices, lemon curd, sherbet, green apple and herbs. Not overly ‘leap from the glass’ - more in its shell now but that will almost certainly change in the coming years. Palate: Sheesh, this is the real deal. Maybe the best riesling we have had through? I’m struggling to work out which facet of the wine makes it so special, its texture or profile. Maybe we should agree that together they are greater than the sum of the parts. Biting acidity balanced brilliantly by rich fruit tones including apple skin, grape, lemon curd and lime juice. Lovely phenolic richness and ripeness to the wine. Impressive length and grip through the palate. An absolute life ahead if you can be that patient. An almost vegetal finish which in no way, shape or form is me bagging it. It’s bloody lovely.

Vineyard: 100% 2017 Watervale Riesling from a small vineyard in Eyre Creek. Winemaking: Carefully treated in the winery, free run separated quickly. Free run and pressings fermented separately with 10% of pressings going to old oak for texture. Slow cool ferment, keeping the temperature at around 11-13 degrees. Vegan friendly.

(5/5 stars)
  1. by

    Delicious, very drinkable!

  2. by

    Easy drinking dry riesling, fruity and slightly acidic.

  3. by

    Lovely dry crisp and mineral finish. It’s a banger for the buck. If you’re sitting out on a hot day and want a thirst quencher, this is your drop.

  4. by

    This is possibly the nicest Clare Valley riesling I’ve tried. Crisp, apple-y, citrus & very drinkable, complex enough to keep you interested in more than one glass but not too overwhelming. 5 stars!

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