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Marsc Wine Co. 2016 Frontignac


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I’m not sure there’s a more alluring wine to stick your snoz in than Fronti, as strange as it sounds the good ones smell so grapey you feel you’re showering in the press tray. Beyond the weirdness of the opening sentence, this is a lovely fresh off dry white, the pH is low countering a bit of the residual sugar but it’s still plenty sweet. Whilst I really like this I can’t shake the non wine urge to grab some ice cubes and a handful of crushed mint and throw it in a tumbler… actually that’s what I’m going to do, and it’s delicious. Just had another thought, if the ice dilutes it enough for the alc to drop to 7 or so percent I can open another one and still not break my 1 bottle a day limit.

SG score 8/10


Alcohol 9% vol.


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