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Loom SV 2018 Rosé


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‘I haven’t really drank much of this’ not quite the 6 word story I know, but then again it surely implies at the very least what follows could only be flimsy at best. I do recall a couple of glasses a few weeks back over a Friday lunch at the winery where it was partnered with Jobe and Jay grilling up a smorgasbord of Ellis snags. I thought it looked nice, ripper pack too, and I certainly can't recall thinking anything other than it being a lovely crisp drink and a perfect resting place for my right hand whilst I laid into the young lads about not even being able to BBQ. I’ll likely get pillared for this, but I reckon that fact this was made from hand picked, 100+ year old bush vine Grenache, on one of the best sites in the ‘Vale, cold soaked in a 2t open fermenter etc. is irrelevant, well I hope it is as my memory of winemaking details are also a bit flimsy. This wine is more about ‘the set’, put yourself in the right place at the right time and you’ll quickly find it the equivalent of the leaves in a trip, wonderful company but only a very small part of a very big picture. My ‘expert advice’ is to serve it cold. Matt Brown smashed it, but he’d drink any Rose….although in fairness I wouldn’t.

Alcohol 13% vol.

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