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Loom SV 2017 Chardonnay


(4/5 stars)
Rated 4.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
(1 customer review)

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Finally a wine I’ve seriously sat down and considered… I should have written about this first, before I got bored, and certainly before my lad just snap chatted me to let me know that Skeleton Bay is 15ft and going off on True Surf. LK sent me this, I’m not sure who wrote it, certainly not me as it's way to informative, but there’s onshore’s and a downgrade from epic to good on the way so I’m using it so I can move on. What I can say with unwavering confidence that whilst this is a real nice wine, it’s a work in progress, it’ll sneak into the top eight and from there it's anyone’s to have, but each year they get better and the 18’s I’ve seen on the bench will be proper contenders in the years ahead. For the journey alone it’d be worth keeping a few of these close, they’ve great energy and everyone involved is super committed to doing the best they can and this comes through in every glass, which I love even more than the wine: Nose: Enticing struck match, cashew, citrus, stone fruit and oak aromas lead forth. Palate: Rich, intense white peach and nectarine with grapefruit, nutty oak, smoke and lemon rind. An altogether stunning single vineyard expression of Australian Chardonnay.

Alcohol 13% vol.

SILVER: Adelaide Hills Wine Show 2017

(4/5 stars)
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    Of all the chardonnay I have disliked, I dislike this chardonnay the least! (complimentary inflection).

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