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Living Roots 2016 Chardonnay


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To quote my oldest son ‘I’m not going to lie’…I’m feeling the heat a bit here, having to pass judgement on the hard work and serious base jump of my previous, Burberry clad P.A and her recently anointed 6th generation winemaker Husband’s first wine. Actually, it's probably not their first wine as I know they do a Riesling and pretty much everything else, but in the spirit of a good story let’s just keep the pressure up. Whilst not quite Street Cry (IRE), Seb’s old man has without doubt one of the ‘Hills best looking vineyards, and the sister (in law) certainly fits the Vegas Showgirl (NZ)…actually that can't work, well not in a long term healthy way. Either way these guys have had a red hot crack at doing things their way, sourcing fruit from people who share their cool ideology and the wines are reflective of both their talent and their intent. In this instance it’s limey and lean yet textural and inviting, it’s young and virile, in the same vein as their project, and in keeping with their overall trajectory will no doubt get better every time you get a chance to look at it….if you can afford the luxury ;)..there we both taught each other a trick.

SG score 8/10 for the wine and another for intent.

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