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Black Flag Winemakers Sauvignon Blanc 2020


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Variety: Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol: 12.5 %
Vintage: 2020 Vegan: Yes
Region: Mount Gambier, SA Closure: Stelvin

About Black Flag Winemakers

A collaboration between Virgin Wines in the UK and ourselves, Black Flag has enabled the micro batch, innovative and carefree approach of The 5OS Project to spread its wings beyond our stores. Whilst not technically for sale outside of the UK, we’ve held back a few cases here and there to showcase/show off.

This is essentially our ‘Home Brand’. We make these wines ourselves and farm out others to mates with the intention to create a range of wines that have heaps of drinkability but not at the expense of varietal, regional and vintage characteristics. They should also look the part, embracing the talent of the respective artists whilst encouraging them to find their own beat.

Aromatics: Super green, could line them all up but I’d say Snow Peas
Palate: Quite textural, sweetness in the fruit which belies the aromas
Finish: Dry and Crisp, gets better with every sip, on song
Cellaring: Best before 2023

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