‘There are a lot of Poets in Football, but Poets rarely win Titles’. Jose Mourinho lays claim to one of my favourite quotes, primarily because depending on the day, somewhere between 49 and 51% of me disagrees with it. We can’t claim to need bread for the table, as Gabi and the wood oven have this sorted, but we are yet to perfect the Coopers Sparkling Ale recipe and as such we sometimes need to visit an ATM.

We are expensive, slow and without warranty, but should you wish to explore the concept of working on a project with us please don’t hesitate to touch base, you’ll probably have to reach out more than once, but the upside is we’ll probably forget to charge you at the other end.

Traditional tools at our workshop in McLaren Vale.

Luke doing what Luke does best.

Miao Wang in his element.

Floating Green Door, Luke Boddey, Cameron Malcolm and Jess Hardy, Gilbert St.

Traditional joinery, McLaren Vale workshop March ‘17.

Drink tumblers for The 5OS Project.

Llewellyn Ash and Miao Wang, hand blown glass wine bottle and reclaimed French oak barrel for McLaren Vale Old Vine Co.

Mixed reclaimed timber table, 4100 x 800, Cameron Malcolm, Five O’clock Somewhere Adelaide.